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Stump Grinding Service

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Large tree stump grinding in Annapolis, Maryland.

Stump grinding...we take care of every detail in tree removal, from leaves to stumps.

Did you have a tree removed and want to lay new sod or plant shrubs in it's place? If so, then you need our stump grinding services! Our stump grinders are heavy machines that use chainsaw-like teeth to grind away at the tree stump. We are currently offering our stump grinding services to Annapolis, Parole, Edgewater and all surrounding areas.

Our stump grinding services allow us to take any size tree stump and completely remove the section above ground, as well as 8-12 inches below the surface. With our high-end stump grinders, we can also go deeper if needed, all the way to 24 inches deep!

We provide stump grinding services to more than just home and business owners. We also provide subcontracting services for other landscape contractors that lack the necessary equipment.

If you require stump grinding services, complete our request a quote form or give us a call directly at (443) 822-7810 and we'll be happy to provide a free quote.

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